*When I moved to Montgomery County about 20 years ago, I was recommended to try Wilson Gulf – best decision I have made.   Bob is honest, trustworthy and he even looks at used cars for me that I bring to the shop before I purchase them.  What more can you ask of a mechanic?  The peace of mind that I have now regarding the maintenance of my cars is very reassuring.  I have recommended him numerous times to others, and will continue to do so.

Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Lynne B.


*I have been using Bob Wilson Gulf for the last 25 years. Trust them and count on them. Appreciate their knowledge and good service. Their prices are great too! Wouldn’t go anywhere else…

Jim F


"My husband and I started using Bob Wilson Gulf over 20 years ago for our car service.  We started depending on Bob for maintenance on our company car and personal vehicles.  As the 6 kids came, our smaller cars were replaced by minivans and a few "first cars" that Bob made affordable with his reasonable repairs and maintenance.  Bob's willingness to go the extra mile has saved us from many a roadside incident, showing up to change a tire, jump a battery or fix a troubled starter.  These are just a few of the "extras" that he did for us, his loyal customers!   We know that if a repair/maintenance recommendation is made, it is necessary and will ultimately prolong the life of our cars.  His expertise has been invaluable and has been the #1 recommendation that we give to friends and neighbors that are looking for an experienced, honest mechanic and professional businessman!"‚Äč

Jayne L

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